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Best served with a slice of orange and a touch of drama.

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Created with carefully chosen botanicals, on a classic juniper base. Crafted using Seville Orange Peel, alongside flavours of cassia, cinnamon, chicory and mustard seed, the finished result is a supremely smooth orange gin.

100% of profits from the sales of our OT Gin will help us develop the next generation of theatre-makers.
TESTMATCH playtext programme

Available from 20 April 2024. Featuring articles, plus biographies of the cast and creative team.

Available from 24 May 2024. Featuring articles, plus biographies of the cast and creative team.
RED SPEEDO programme

Available from 13 July 2024. Featuring articles, plus biographies of the cast and creative team.
HERE IN AMERICA playtext programme

Available from 14 September 2024. Featuring articles, biographies of the cast and creative team.

Available from 26 October 2024. Featuring articles, plus biographies of the cast and creative team.

Available from 23 November 2024. Featuring articles, plus full biographies for the cast and creative team.
by Maya Arad Yasur
pubished by Nick Hern Books

An Israeli violinist. Living in her trendy canal-side Amsterdam apartment. Nine months pregnant. One day a mysterious unpaid gas bill from 1944 arrives. It awakens unsettling feelings of collective identity, foreignness and alienation. Stories of a devastating past are compellingly reconstructed to try and make sense of the present.

Published by Nick Hern Books to coincide with the UK premiere of this strikingly original, audacious play.

Maya Arad Yasur is a prize-winning Israeli playwright, whose work has been produced worldwide.

RRP £9.99
Blue Heart
by Caryl Churchill
Published by Nick Hern Books

Heart’s Desire sees a family awaiting their daughter’s return from Australia, though in a series of alternative scenarios, the play collapses as it keeps veering off in unexpected and ridiculous directions.

Blue Kettle tells the story of conman Derek and the five women he misleads into believing he is their biological son. Try as he might, Derek’s plans are scuppered as the play is invaded by a virus.

In Churchill’s ever-inventive style, the plays pull apart language and structure in a way that is theatrically remarkable and fast-paced, in a stirring yet truthful exploration of family and relationships.

Blue Heart was produced at the OT in 2016.

Caryl Churchill is one of the country’s foremost contemporary playwrights. Her incredible career includes the plays Top Girls, Cloud Nine, A Number and Escaped Alone.

RRP £9.99
a new play by Rose Lewenstein

Leila wants to inspire global change. John needs to get his shit together.

They have an arrangement. But managing an affair isn’t easy when the world around you is falling apart.

A new play about what – and who – we consume.

Published by Nick Hern Books.

RRP £9.99
Dealing with Clair
by Martin Crimp

Clair works in real estate.
Mike and Liz are selling.
James wants to buy.
He’ll only deal with Clair.

Selling houses. It’s not forever. Who knows what I’ll do? Maybe make a killing and just… disappear. That’s right. Vanish.

a new edition published by Nick Hern Books to tie in with the Orange Tree and English Touring Theatre's production in October 2018.

RRP £9.99
Doris Lessing plays
Collection of 3 plays including Each His Own Wilderness

It’s 1958. Tony, back from National Service disillusioned and dissatisfied, finds his mother still the political activist she’s been since her youth. To Myra, Tony’s attitude is a mystery – where’s the anger?

Myra and her friend Milly’s restless Bohemianism leads them to a complex, erotic entanglement with the younger generation and exposes fault-lines in their own generation’s complacency.

They’re about to learn that the personal is political.

RRP £14.99
French Without Tears
by Terence Rattigan

Published by Nick Hern Books

After a group of young men arrive at Monsieur Maingot’s French school for the summer to cram for the Diplomatic exam, their concentration is disrupted by beautiful visitor Diana Lake. Quelle surprise, they must learn another new language: girls.

At first, it seems pretty simple. Kit loves Diana and she loves him. And Bill. Oh, and darling Alan, of course. Then there’s Jack: she’s in love too. Meanwhile, Babe conceals his feelings…

Not so simple after all.

French Without Tears was a sell out hit at the OT in 2015, returning in 2016 by popular demand.

RRP £9.99

German Skerries by Robert Holman
published by Nick Hern Books

A friendship, a marriage, a holiday, a death – German Skerries fills the stage with the meetings and departures that make us human.

It’s 1977, and Martin, Jack, Michael and Carol are staring out into the future. Around a popular birdwatching spot overlooking the mouth of the Tees, their lives intertwine to create an uplifting portrait of human hope and vulnerability.

The first major revival of this richly resonant drama which won renowned playwright Robert Holman the George Devine Award.

RRP £9.99
Humble Boy
by Charlotte Jones

Felix Humble is drawn back to his family home after the death of his father, a biology teacher and amateur beekeeper. There in the garden he finds his waspish mother Flora, her downtrodden friend Mercy and suspiciously ever-present local businessman George Pye, whose daughter Rosie was once involved with Felix. A luncheon is arranged…

Felix is an astrophysicist who discovers that solving the riddle of his emotional life is considerably more challenging than the quest for a unified string theory.

Charlotte Jones’ witty family comedy had its first major London revival at the Orange Tree in 2018. It won the Critics’ Circle Best New Play Award following its premiere at the National Theatre in 2001.

RRP £10.99

LAST EASTER by Bryony Lavery - playtext
A lighting designer, an actress, a prop maker and a drag singer go on a pilgrimage looking for a miracle.

Last Easter is a funny, moving and provocative play about the true nature of friendship.

Playtext published by Faber.

RRP £8.99
Little Baby Jesus by Arinzé Kene

A playtext programme published alongside Arinzé Kene's Estate Walls for the first time in this new special edition.

Joanne is dipped in rudeness, rolled in attitude and is fighting to keep her life afloat. Sensitive and mature he may be, yet Kehinde struggles with an obsession for mixed race girls as he eyes his place on the social ladder. Rugrat, classclown and playground loudmouth, just wants to make it past GCSEs and keep their name on the tip of your tongue.

As their lives collide and intertwine, three extraordinary young people relay the moments they ‘grew up’. Three remarkable stories. Three incredible journeys.

Arinzé Kene is a writer and performer whose most recent one man play, Misty, ran at the Bush Theatre and Trafalgar Studios to widespread critical acclaim including two Olivier nominations for Best New Play and Best Actor.

Published by Nick Hern Books.

RRP £12.99
Little Light
by Alice Birch

A house by the sea. Teddy wants more light. He’s knocked that staircase down. Alison is soaked through. She’s livid. Clarissa’s ready to burst. They can’t keep meeting like this.
An explosive family drama that asks if we can ever let go.

Alice Birch's first play premiered at the Orange Tree in 2015.

Published by Oberon Books

RRP £10.99
Losing Venice
by Jo Clifford

An empire gone wrong; an empire completely gone, in fact.

A nation with delusional ideas of its place in the world, making poor choices, involved in clumsy foreign adventures, constantly on the edge of war.

At home, class divides are stark yet all attention is on a Duke’s ceremonial marriage. And surging through the chaos, the absurdities of masculinity threaten to destroy everything.

An epic fable set in the faraway Spanish Golden Age.

Losing Venice is a joyously original, witty take-down of dangerously daft machismo and the deranged behaviour of countries that have lost an empire and still not yet found a role…

A new edition published by Nick Hern Books alongside the Orange Tree's production in 2018.

RRP £9.99

Low Level Panic
by Clare McIntyre

Three flatmates. A single bathroom. And a whole world of men.

Mary’s found some porn in their bin, and needs to talk about it. But Jo’s in the bath, fantasising about being someone else. And Celia just wants to look her best for the party tonight.

In this funny, timely and unapologetic play, three twenty-something women figure out how they really feel about sex, their bodies and each other.

Published by Nick Hern Books alongside this major OT revival in 2017.
Digital MEETINGS programme

Features exclusive articles, plus biographies of the cast and creative team, and photos of them in rehearsals.

OT Notebook
Be inspired with this A5 notebook, featuring the quote "Got a feeling 'bout today" from the play Mayfly by Joe White, which premiered at the Orange Tree in 2018.

OT Postcards - pack of 10
A pack of 10 postcards featuring Orange Tree productions including Humble Boy, Little Baby Jesus, Candida, Jess and Joe Forever, Low Level Panic, An Octoroon, While the Sun Shines and The Mikvah Project.

OT50 Exhibition Booklet
Published by the Museum of Richmond for their new exhibition OT50: Fifty Years of the Orange Tree Theatre, this special booklet features insights into our history including interviews with those who have been instrumental in its success, plus photos of productions throughout the last half century.
Play Mas
by Mustapha Matura

1950s Port of Spain. Samuel, a young tailor’s assistant, dreams of Trinidad’s independence.

On the eve of carnival everyone fills the streets, dressed up to play mas. This annual celebration turns to tragedy and spurs Samuel on to make a decision that will change the political landscape of the future of this vibrant, volatile island.

A wickedly funny, exuberant and poignant play from Mustapha Matura.

The Orange Tree produced the first major London revival in 2015.

Published by Methuen Drama.

RRP £10.99
by Lot Vekemans
translated by Rina Vergano

An extraordinary play that asks a simple question: is it ever possible to move on?

Claire Price and Zubin Varla starred in the UK premiere of this European-wide hit by Dutch writer Lot Vekemans at the Orange Tree in 2017, following a critically acclaimed run in New York in 2016.

Published by Nick Hern Books

RRP £9.99
Sharman Macdonald Plays One

A collection featuring the plays: When We Were Women, When I Was a Girl, I Used to Scream and Shout, The Winter Guest

When We Were Women is set in Glasgow in 1943. A city of falling bombs, dark corners and whispered secrets. In the blitzed blacked-out streets, a naval officer walks into Isla’s life and sweeps her off her feet. But by 1944, Isla is fighting a war of her own – with her tempestuous mother, Maggie. As lives become inexorably entwined, the officer’s past is in real danger of destroying the family’s future.

The first major revival of this poignant, poetic drama, Sharman Macdonald’s play was staged at the Orange Tree in 2015.

RRP £16.99
SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER digital programme

Available from 18 November 2023. Featuring articles, plus biographies of the cast and creative team.
Digital THAT FACE programme

Features exclusive articles, plus biographies of the cast and creative team, and photos of them in rehearsals.
THAT FACE playtext
by Polly Stenham
Published by Faber & Faber

Pre order now, available from week commencing 4 September

When Mia is expelled from boarding school, her mother Martha isn’t interested. Martha prefers to hang out with her son Henry. And now her estranged husband Hugh, who’s run off to Hong Kong with his new girlfriend, is charging back threatening to sort things out. What is there to sort out? Everything is fine.

Polly Stenham’s blazing debut play exposes the secret lives of the rich with anarchic humour. That Face won the Evening Standard Charles Wintour Award, the TMA Best New Play Award, and the Critics’ Circle Award.
THAT FACE programme

Available from 9 September 2023. Featuring articles, plus biographies of the cast and creative team.
The Brink
by Brad Birch

"a taut psychological thriller and a searingly astute parable about life in Generation Y... Birch’s script is howl-inducingly funny" The Telegraph

History teacher Nick is on the edge.

A hidden secret lies under the Brink. Nick can’t get it out of his mind. A series of visions force him to investigate what lies beneath. Nick’s girlfriend doesn’t understand. Neither do his fellow teachers. Frustrated, he confides in a Year 10 student but can she be expected to have all the answers?

A sharp, funny, dark new play from Brad Birch, recipient of the 2016 Pinter Commission.

This world premiere was produced at the Orange Tree in 2016.

Published by Methuen Drama.

RRP £10.99
The False Servant playtext
by Pierre Marivaux translated by Martin Crimp
pubished by Faber and Faber

When a man thinks he can cynically take a rich woman’s money and then run off with an even more lucrative potential fiancée, he’d best not tell the fiancée by mistake. Le Chevalier, a woman disguised as the son of an aristocrat, embarks on a plan that will expose the dark heart of this male power-play.

This version by Martin Crimp was acclaimed at its 2004 National Theatre premiere.

RRP £9.99
The Lottery of Love
by Marivaux, translated by John Fowles

A marriage has been arranged...

Sylvia has a dilemma: how does a woman get to know the man she’s engaged to? Disguising herself as her own maid is certainly one way to do it. And it would have been perfect, except that her fiancé Richard has had the same idea: his man Brass will do duty as him. Sylvia’s father can only watch as the couples get entangled. He knows that for them to achieve real happiness, they must disentangle themselves.

Can love be scrutinised and survive? Can passion be pinned down and must it always entail pain? One of France’s greatest playwrights dissects the age old process of losing oneself to love.

Marivaux’s greatest comedy, Le Jeu de l’amour et du hasard, is translated by John Fowles to the Regency England of Jane Austen in this previously unseen version, first produced at the Orange Tree in 2017.

Published by Faber.

RRP £10.99

The Mikvah Project
by Josh Azouz

Eitan is 17. Avi is 35. Eitan loves Arsenal. Avi loves his wife. Eitan goes to college. Avi is trying for a child. They are in completely different places in their lives. Yet, every Friday, Eitan and Avi meet at the Mikvah to take part in the Jewish ritual of submerging in the water. A play about the courage it takes to confront our hidden desires. Filled with singing and water, chutzpah and joy we are reminded how easily a heart can break.

Published by Nick Hern with Josh Azouz's play Buggy Baby

RRP £10.99

The Sugar Syndrome
by Lucy Prebble

Dani is 17. She’s looking to meet someone honest and direct. What she finds is a man twice her age who thinks she’s an 11-year-old boy.

Playtext published in a new edition by Nick Hern Books alongside our first major revival of Lucy Prebble’s debut play: a devastatingly and disturbingly funny exploration of an unlikely friendship, our desire to connect, and the limits of empathy. Prebble's work includes A Very Expensive Poison, The Effect and ENRON on stage and the BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning Succession on screen.

RRP £10.99

The SWELL playtext
by Isley Lynn
Published by Methuen Drama

Pre order now, available from week 26th June

You need to meet the other special people. There are so many of us. You’ll fall in love every day.

Annie is happy at last – she’s engaged to Bel, the love of her life, and counting down the days to their wedding. But then old friend, free spirit, and troublemaker Flo turns up unexpectedly, and announces she’ll be staying with them until the big day. Their surprise reunion turns into a complicated love triangle with dangerous consequences that threaten to destroy Annie’s Happily Ever After...
Two Billion Beats
a new play by Sonali Bhattacharyya

Seventeen-year-old Asha is an emphatic rebel, unafraid of pointing out the hypocrisy around her but less sure how to actually dismantle it. Her younger sister, Bettina, wide-eyed and naïve, is just trying to get through the school day without getting her pocket money nicked. Between essays, homework and bus journeys home the two sisters meet outside the school gates each afternoon, smarting at the injustice of the world around them.

Bouncing with wit, Sonali Bhattacharyya’s mesmerising new play is an insightful, moving and tremendously funny coming-of-age story about the unfairness of growing up in a world where you don’t make the rules.

Published by Nick Hern Books for the play's world premiere at the OT.

RRP £9.99
by Emily Schwend

BEST NEW PLAY Off West End Awards nomination

Amber is juggling two nearly full-time jobs and three kids. Her on-again, off-again husband Chris is eternally optimistic and charming as hell, but rarely employed. The house is falling apart and Amber has an eight-year-old’s birthday party to plan.

As Amber struggles to keep things from boiling over, she is forced to confront reality – she is a stranger to the person she once was and the person she thought she might be.

Emily Schwend won the Yale Drama Prize 2016 for Utility with judge, playwright Nicholas Wright saying “Utility is a remarkable play: beautifully written and effortlessly powerful”.

"Brings an unpatronising candour to its graceful, low-key depiction of life in breadline America." The Sunday Times

The UK premiere was produced at the Orange Tree in 2018. Published by Yale Books.

RRP £14.99.

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